Electrician PRICE LIST Singapore 2024

Electrician PRICE LIST Singapore 2024

Singapore is rapidly developing country keeping pace with other developing nations. It has a strong set of rules and regulations which are adhered upon strictly. Sanitation, plumbing, and all sorts of electric works are administered. It is mandatory to carry any work from the licensed company that is certified under a strict set of rules.

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People live in the house and all homes have a network of electric wiring. Electrical wiring is a basic need not only to light up the house but to operate most home appliance such as coffee maker, sandwich-maker, ac, water heater, television etc. to name a few.

An electrical problem can become more troublesome if undertaken by unskilled professional, especially so in Singapore

hdb electrical wiring

How much does it cost for hiring Electricians in Singapore?

There is no guarantee that if once a person moves into a house and buy home appliances one will not experience any problem in future. A fault can arise anytime with the electric wiring or home appliance. One may be lured to save the repair costs by having an idea to dabble repair by himself first. And, if one is not successful they will get the job done by a non-licensed electrician.

It may seem like a good idea but it is not. A certain job is best done if undertaken by a professional. All sorts of electrical work must be carried by a licensed electrical professional. In Singapore, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) is the governing body that issues the electrician license. It is due to the fact that there is a different level of voltage and power supply that is consumed by the domestic and commercial market.

Therefore, an electrician having the domestic license cannot undertake commercial repairs and vice versa.



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electrical works cost singapore

Singapore Electrician Cost Guide 2024

The cost of an electrician largely depends upon the work he has to perform for the concerned clients. Thus, there is no fixed price. It is at the discretion of the contractor to charge his clients as per their service.

On the other hand, some electrician cost singapore contractor make use of the per hour or the per day charges. It is calculated by the number of hours or days he has to work for the concerned clients.

electrical work rates singapore
1Replace Light BulbSGD50 to SGD65Per Replacement
2Replace Light FittingsSGD55 to SGD65Per Replacement
3Replace Light On-Off SwitchSGD55 to SGD75Per Replacement
4Install Lighting PointSGD55 to SGD65Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent Lighting PointSGD30Per Installation
5Install ChandelierSGD120 to SGD140Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent ChandelierSGD100  
6Install Down LightSGD55 to SGD65Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent Down LightSGD25  
7Replace Electric 3-Pin Socket OutletSGD65 to SGD85Per Replacement
8Install Additional 3-Pin Socket Next to Existing SocketSGD80 to SGD120Per Installation
9Install 15A Power Point for Aircon and HeaterSGD180 to SGD245Per Installation
10Install Ceiling FanSGD150 to SGD160Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent Ceiling FanSGD120  
11Install Wall FanSGD120 to SGD130Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent Wall FanSGD100  
12Install SCV PointSGD100 to SGD110Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent SCV PointSGD80  
13Install & Wiring of Open Net, Data & LAN Port/Point*SGD115 to SGD125Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent Point*SGD90  
14Install Telephone PointSGD95 to SGD100Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent PointSGD60  
15Install Electricity Water Tank Heater (up to 10 Litre)SGD80 to SGD120Per Installation
16Install Electricity Water Tank Heater (more than 10 Litre)SGD160 to SGD250Per Installation
17Install TV BracketSGD80 to SGD120Per Installation
 – Install 2nd and Subsequent TV BracketSGD50Per Installation
18Troubleshooting Electrical IssueSGD50 to SGD65Per Straight Forward Issue
19Routine Inspection (Half Year or Year)SGD50 to SGD65Per Inspection
20Replace 32A Distribution Box & Circuit BreakerSGD200 to SGD400Per Replacement



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electrical works cost singapore

Cost for Site Survey by Get Electrician Singapore

We charge by per project.

There is a minimum fee for $50 for transport allowance.

Whatsapp us for more info.

Singapore Electrician Services FAQs

When you think about hiring an electrician, you have to consider the specific work you need done. It can be electrical service or installation for your home, your business or for a specific job you are undertaking.

A lot of people do not know how to choose a good electrician from a bad one. Here are some of the important factors you have to look for when searching for the best electrician.

  • Minor work like a single light and bulb replacement can cost from $10 – $30 subject to the category and nature of light. Whether is it is within false ceiling on on just the ceiling inside.
  • The cost of ceiling fan installation and replacement is placed above light. The installation charges will be similar to light installation.
  • The installation of Ceiling fans begins at $80 per fan and it will vary depending on the type and kind of fan.
  • The next category is of Power point outlets. There are 2-3 types of power point depending on the kind of appliance that would be connected to that point. The cost of installing power point begins at $80 per point and go up to $120.
  • Doing up circuit breakers need licensed and experienced electrician. Circuit breakers installation at the distribution board would be involved. Similarly, the number and the type is the deciding factor in ascertaining the cost.
  • Troubleshooting the supply faults and its repair is expensive. This is due to the fact that walls, ceilings, and even the floors are needed to be cut open and at times complete rewiring has to be done.
  • It is a highly skilled work and required to be undertaken by an experienced electric license holder. The cost for this kind of job starts at $300 and can go higher depending on the kind of damage that is repaired.
  • The cost of electrical repairs for industry or commercial sector usually shoots up 3 – 4 times higher than a domestic sector.
  • If the house is more than 10 years old and its residents notice the issues given below, then it is the time to rewire the house to prevent any electrical accidents

Common Electrical Problems in Singapore

electrical works for office singapore

• Partial or full house rewiring
• Heating, Air Conditioning or TV points
• Installation of water-heaters, ceiling fans
• Blackout, electric fault
• Voltage tripping, power failure
• Circuit breakers replacement
• Extra or additional sockets, light
• Inspection, fault finding
• Broken switches, power points fault
• Replacing or adding light and socket fixture
• Installation of Home Entertainment System
• Fire alarm, CCTV installation
• Lightning upgrades
• Electrical upgrades
• Discolored electrical sockets and/or
• Burning smell from electrical outlets
• Frequent tripping of circuit breakers
• Many blown fuses

Is there such thing as Cheap Electrician Singapore

Get Electrician is not sure. lol. We charge by our experience!

Get Electrician Singapore provides a great range of electrical services. Our professional electricians are qualified and experienced to handle any job, no matter how big or small it is.

Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioner or need an electrical service for your home or business, Get Electrician Singapore is always ready to assist you. Home Air Conditioning, Ceiling fans, Electrical Contractors, Home Electrics, Lighting, Moving Light Fixtures, Plugs and Sockets, Wires and Cables, DIY Electrical Supplies, Solar, Switches and Fuses, Underground and External Wiring, Home Electrical, Emergency Electrical, Renovation, Service and Installation. Home Electrician, Small Electrical, Electrician, Industrial Electronics, Residential Electric, Renovation Electrician.

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Get Electrician Singapore – Local Service Provider

Electricians are recommended by HDB and other authorities but there also is Electricians that are Company based and then there are independents too. EMA/BCA/IDA also issue the required certification. There is no yardstick to measure the capabilities of an electrician but greater the number of years, better is the competence of an electrician.

The amount of repair or type of work done in the house is the basic parameter of determining the cost incurred. For example, if someone gets new light fixture, power points and cable points then the plastering and concealment of electrical wires would add up to the entire cost. Basically, one actually is paying the labor charges of the proficient work done by the electrician.

One can buy any number of appliances but ultimately it is the skill of the electrician to install them in their proper place.

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electrical works cost singapore


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  1. I would need to input 1 extra circuit breaker.
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  2. Dear Sir/Ms,
    I suspect my master bedroom 3 electrical sockets have electrical problems. One has sparks when I switch on the aircon.
    May I know how much does it cost to troubleshoot and repair/change the 3 electrical plugs socket? Also, to double check on my recently-changed circuit breaker ( I suspect the previous electrician did not do a good job). Less than 6 months only.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

  3. I would like to hire an electrician to help install emporia energy monitor vue with 16 50a circuit leve sensors. Pls let me know how much it will cost.

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