Power Socket and Power Point Installations in Singapore 2024 – Price Guide

Power Socket and Power Point Installations in Singapore 2024 – Price Guide

What will we do without electricity? It’s as important as breathing these days. When there’s a problem with it, it throws our life into shambles. The biggest electricity issue one can face is with power sockets and power points. Inflation is here to stay in Singapore, but we still charge competitive prices for power socket installation services.

In this article, we cover power socket installation and power point installations.

Things to know about Power Socket and Power Point Installation in Singapore

Sometimes during wear and tear, and because of the course of time, power points get faulty. This may not be obvious at first, but you’ll notice that your devices are not getting charged or your devices aren’t getting powered.

How do you know if your power socket or powerpoint is faulty?

You can do the simple switch on and switch off strategy if it works after that, then there is no issue. If it doesn’t work post that, then you might have a power socket or a powerpoint issue.

Generally, this happens because of a multitude of issues. That is a surge in power has burnt the wires or the wiring was installed incorrectly in the first place.

The solution may be in replacing your power socket or your power point.

Can you install a power socket or a power point by yourself?

Generally, this isn’t recommended because it isn’t as easy as replacing a bulb and power sockets can be a dangerous thing. Your best bet is to call an electrician. There’s one thing you can do and that is trying to identify the problem.

But here are the various factors involved in fixing a power point.

  • Check to see if any wiring is come out. If it is, then it has to be replaced. This can be because of haphazard wiring during the initial setup. Be careful with faulty wiring as it can shock you.
  • Sometimes, power is just not received properly and a simple check is by switching on and off the circuit breaker. If it is still not working, then there’s a bigger problem at hand.
  • Sometimes sockets cause temporary problems because they get wet and all you have to do is to wait till they get dry.

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Types of Electrical Outlets – Identifying the one you have

Before an electrician comes to fix your issue or install power points, you’ll need to know a thing or two about electrical outlets. Here are a few different types.

Type G Socket

The most popular socket in Singapore is the Type G socket. This is the standard used across the country and has 230 volts. The frequency is 50hz. The 13A Type G socket is popular across the world, it’s used in Australia, Africa and a few countries in Asia. It is a grounded type of socket.

Type M Socket

There is also another type of socket, you might have encountered on the island and that is the Type M socket. It’s a 3-pinhole and it works well for appliances that consume a lot of power like Microwaves, Grinders and such.

Electrical Socket Failure – Reasons

There are numerous reasons as to why an electrical socket fails and these tips can kind of give you knowledge on how to prevent them and what to look out for when a socket fails.

Circuit Overload

The most common reason is an overloaded circuit. So when an electrical surge occurs for some reason, the circuit gets overloaded and the fuse is busted to prevent the wiring from getting fried. This fuse is the connection between the power and the wires. This help protects you from getting nasty shocks. So when the circuit is overloaded, your electrical socket stops working.

Short Circuits

A short circuit which is basically a hot wire touching a ground wire is also a leading cause for circuit overload. Short circuits cannot be avoided and your electrical sockets need to be replaced.

Open Circuit

An open circuit is what happens when the wiring is loose. This can happen because the installation was poor in the first place or constant use has loosened the wire. When the wire is loose, it’s called an open circuit and electricity will stop flowing. This is a simple fix, with just tightening of the circuit required.

DIY Cost of Power Socket in Singapore

power socket singapore cost

A master electrician will help you install a power socket. Since you are doing it as DIY, you can easily get the socket from a hardware store. You can get this for about $20. You will also need a power cord which can cost about $30.

Electrician to help you with PowerPoint Installation Singapore

There you have it, the various reasons a power socket can go bust and re-installation that is required to fix the issue.

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