Light Installation Prices and Services Singapore 2024

Light Installation Prices and Services Singapore 2024

Lights have been around for over 100 years now and over time, they’ve evolved to consume lesser power, have more wattage and last longer. There is only so much we can do around the house – light installation and wiring. Inflation is here to stay in Singapore, but we still charge competitive prices for our light installation services.

With the DIY culture, taking over Singapore, people are putting together their beds, cabinets and other things.

There is one area that is still not in the DIY category yet and it is electrical outlets. Light installation by yourself may not be as simple as 123. So why is fitting a ceiling light still not a DIY activity?

GetElectrician Lights Installation Price List Singapore 2024

Electrical serviceCost
Install / replace power socket$60 to $100
Install light / lighting point$80 to $100 (>$100 for chandeliers)
Replace light fittings / light bulbs / switch$40 to 60
Repair lightFrom $60


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Getting the RIGHT Electrician to FIX your Lights in Singapore

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Safety Concerns

The first primary concern with installing a ceiling light is safety. Electrical wires have current passing through them and if you aren’t careful (By switching the main off), fixing a ceiling light can he hazardous.

Electricity and live wires is not something to be played with. So if you aren’t sure about electrical components and equipment, this isn’t something you should play with.

Flow of Electricity

The first step in installing a light is to understand all the power sources and how the electricity flows through the home. You should also know the amount of voltage that passes through a light, so when you are installing a light, you know how much is the optimum voltage that is allowed to pass.


The Existing Fittings

Electrical wires in a household are pretty complicated. Lights are connected to multiple switches and so on. It’s important to know how the electrical systems are connected to each other before you embark on your installation exercise.

If you connect a wrong wire to the light, your whole electrical system goes haywire.


Removing the existing light fitting

If you already have a ceiling light, it needs to be removed carefully. The first step is to shut the power source completely. The second step is an extra precaution. You’ll need to use a voltage tester to see if any current is passing through. If it isn’t, you can move on to the next step.


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Installing lights in Singapore

The first step to installing lighting is to decide what type of lighting you want and how many fixtures you need.

The lighting you choose for your home or office should suit a variety of needs, from security lighting, accent lighting to general lighting.

You can choose from table and wall lamps, ceiling lights and recessed lights.

You can add a dimmer switch to the fixture to add ambiance to your room.

 Next, you need to decide where you want the lighting to go.

It is important to know the lighting level requirements for the room and how each piece of lighting will be used.  Then, measure to see how much space you will need for each fixture and whether each fixture can be placed where it needs to go.  

After that, you can go to the store to look at various options and features.  

You can bring pictures, pictures and pictures to help you decide which lighting will look best in each area. Be sure to buy outdoor lighting that is rated for outdoor use.  

You can also buy waterproof lighting to add extra versatility to your home.  Installing lighting is an easy project to do yourself.  There are many resources available to help you with the process.

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Before you install your light, you need to understand the type of circuit you are working with. The popular circuit types are

  • Junction Box Wiring
  • Loop in circuit
  • Loop in wiring

Types of Light Installation

You would be wondering, why would I need a service for installing lights in my home? Generally speaking, it’s something people will be able to do, even children. The truth is, there are different types of requirements. For example, if you buy a LED light from an online store, it might be of the wrong voltage, while the voltage required for general Singaporean houses is around 220 to 240 volts.

Each of these circuits require a different installation process, that is out of the scope of this article.

Getting an electrician to install a ceiling light

As you can see, installing a simple ceiling light is a time-consuming, cumbersome process that requires various equipments and knowledge of electrical circuitry.

The best thin you can do to install a ceiling light in Singapore is to hire a professional electrician.

Professional electricians offer the following services.

  • They do a neat and tidy job. If there is another dust or dirt after installation, they clean up after themselves
  • They point to you any electrical anomalies in your system
  • They also look into your other electrical components, to see what is working and what isn’t working.
  • They do a very quick job, that just takes a little bit of your time
  • They bring in all the tools and equipment themselves saving you hundreds of dollars


Light Installation Cost Singapore

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There are different types of charges charged by different professionals. But, generally speaking, most professionals charge by the individual work that is done. Very rarely you will encounter a professional who charges by the hour for these type of services.

No.Description of ServiceOur Price for 1st InstallationOur Price for 2nd and Subsequent Installation 
1Replace Light BulbSGD40 to SGD55SGD40 to SGD55Per Replacement
2Replace Light FittingsSGD40 to SGD55SGD40 to SGD55Per Replacement
3Replace Light On-Off SwitchSGD50 to SGD55SGD50 to SGD55Per Replacement
4Install Lighting PointSGD50 to SGD60SGD30 to SGD40Per Installation
5Install Down LightSGD50 to SGD55SGD50 to SGD55Per Installation
6Install ChandelierSGD105 to SGD125SGD100Per Installation


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LED Vs CFL Lights – Which should you go for?

The LED is the most popular form of lighting in Singapore and around the world. The LED has a lot of benefits in terms of price, longevity, design and more.

Let’s do a simple comparison


There is no set time on the longevity of CFL lights. This means CFL lights can go bust the next day because of a power surge or because of lesser current flowing or other reasons. Generally speaking, CFL’s are untrustworthy when it comes to longevity.

The LED’s, on the other hand, last real long and some tests conducted by research companies suggest that they can last for 50,000 hours of use. That works out to be about 5 years of use. That is one light that can last for 5 years. That is incredible.

Material Used

CFL’s made of glass that is prone to breaking. You can break it while carrying it, you can break it while replacing it and so on. The LED’s, on the other hand, is a mix of material like plastic with glass that makes it harder to break. This means it can withstand a few hits without any breakage. The quality of material used on a LED is much better.

Produces lesser heat

Singapore gets very hot in the summers and you need the air conditioner to be turned on to cool the room. What if your other electrical appliances working against your aircon? This means, other appliances that produce heat negate the work done by the aircon, which increases your electricity bills by a bit.

A normal CFL bulb is a heat generator, you go next to it and stand and you will feel the heat emanating from it and you will start to sweat. A LED, on the other hand, produces negligible heat and keeps your room in actual room temperature.

Reduces electricity cost

The biggest advantage of a LED is the cost. It lasts longer and saves your cost over the years. It reduces your electricity bill considerably and the cost of purchasing a light as well. It might not seem like much, but when you are a company and you add the number of lights in your office, this number adds up and helps you save a lot of money in product purchasing cost, as well as electricity cost.


LED Light Installation Singapore

You would be wondering, why would I need a service for installing lights in my home? Generally speaking, it’s something people will be able to do, even children. The truth is, there are different types of requirements. For example, if you buy a LED light from an online store, it might be of the wrong voltage, while the voltage required for general Singaporean houses is around 220 to 240 volts.

If the voltage is different, then a connector is used to connect the light to your home. There are some special circumstances, where you can’t install the light yourselves. A few are mentioned above.

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