Replace Light Fitting Service in Singapore 2024

Replace Light Fitting Service in Singapore 2024

Lights are an integral part of of our lives, but they don’t last forever. It maybe LED of CFL, they do have a time limit. Although replacing a bulb is fairly easy, there are many other issues one might encounter. Inflation is here to stay in Singapore, but we still charge competitive prices for light fittings replacement.

Issues like light not working post installation, dim lighting or bad wiring can warrant a replacement.

There are other cases where replacing a light fitting maybe hard. Offices or spaces that have false ceilings generally have their electrical wirings inside. This makes it complicated to install or replace light fittings.

Most users shouldn’t be touching electrical components as it can be dangerous and fatal for the uninitiated. This is why it’s always recommended to get an electrician to get the job done. It’s quicker, the job is well done and there will be no issues in the future.

One of the best electrician services in Singapore is ‘Get Electrician’. Here is our USP.

electrician install light singapore

Get Electrician’s Light Fitting Installation Services

Price Friendly 

Electricians in Singapore can be expensive. But Get Electrician’s USP is its affordability. We don’t believe in charging a premium for simple services and we charge based on the time and effort taken and nothing more.

We believe in getting repeat customers and forming a long lasting relationship with each and every client.

We do charge a minimum callout charge of $80 for the electrician’s time and commute cost.

Cost of Light Installation in Singapore by Get Electrician

Affordable Light Installation Cost Singapore

No.Description of ServiceOur Price for 1st InstallationOur Price for 2nd and Subsequent Installation 
1Replace Light BulbSGD40 to SGD55SGD40 to SGD55Per Replacement
2Replace Light FittingsSGD40 to SGD55SGD40 to SGD55Per Replacement
3Replace Light On-Off SwitchSGD50 to SGD55SGD50 to SGD55Per Replacement
4Install Lighting PointSGD50 to SGD60SGD30 to SGD40Per Installation
5Install Down LightSGD50 to SGD55SGD50 to SGD55Per Installation
6Install ChandelierSGD105 to SGD125SGD100Per Installation

Above fees exclude transportation cost of S$30 per trip.

Check our 2023 Electrician Price Guide in Singapore


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All type of light fitting / replacement services

Get Electrician has under their wing a wide gamut of electricians who are capable of troubleshooting any electrical problem. Some of the common light fitting replacement services are

  • Ceiling light replacement or fitting
  • Chandelier light replacement or fitting
  • Fixing a dim light
  • Fixing a loose switchboard
  • Fixing / replacing a broken switch
  • Fixing loose wiring
  • Replacing CFL to LED
  • Checking wattage and adjusting for surges

Our Light Replacement / Install Services

Light Bulb Replacement

This is a common service requirement, especially if there are a lot of light bulbs to be replaced and also if the light bulbs are inaccessible places.

Replace Light Fittings

Lights aren’t on the wall by themselves, they are part of the fittings and if some of those fittings aren’t working properly, they will have to be replaced.

Installation of lighting point

Sometimes you decide you want more lighting in a specific room and a light point needs to be installed. You definitely need to hire a professional for this sort of requirement.

Install Chandelier Lights

Chandeliers are the perfect source of light. They are placed in the centre of the house and they illuminate the entire house. But a chandelier is tricky to deal with, you need a big ladder to climb on top to be at face level and you need to be a little skilled to change the lights on a chandelier. If there are old people at home, it can get hard for them to replace the chandelier lights. In a circumstance such as this, then ordering a light installation service will bode well for you.

Install Ceiling Lights

Lights on the ceiling are also pretty difficult to replace. Generally, they are covered by a dome, which is screwed in. This has to be removed and the light has to be replaced. This isn’t something you can do easily and if you don’t have a ladder or a screwdriver at home, then you can forget about it. Getting a handyman to install ceiling lights, becomes imperative.

We even take care of complicated jobs such as rewiring and re-installation of lights. This process involves disconnection of the main power and the main circuit. Replacing the wires and re-installing the new lights.

On demand

We believe in fixing problems real time. If a user is having electrical issues, it only makes sense to fix the problem then and there. All of our electricians are on demand and will be available to fix the issue in short notice.

Licensed Electricians

All of our electricians are certified and licensed by the Government. They are also well trained in etiquettes, manners and always clean up after themselves after doing an electrical job.

Office or Home

We handle all electrical tasks whether it is in your home or office. We also do heavy duty tasks for offices.

Is it easy to DIY to replace lightings?

The first thing to do is to turn off the electricity supply. After that, the wires and the switch will need to be disconnected. You will have to unscrew the fitting itself and remove it. The wires should be re-routed to the new fitting (the ceiling is usually so high that it cannot be done easily), and * the new fitting tightly with an electric screwdriver.

As easy as it may sounds, but if you are unsure, ping us.

Light Electrician – us

Our Electrician provides quality light fitting service on replacement, repair, Installation and maintenance. Our services are available for both domestic and commercial customers. Our certified electricians are highly trained in providing light fitting service.

We work for the 24 hour emergency service for providing light fitting service. We believe in quality, reliability and punctuality. We offer all types of light fitting service of all major brands in the market.

Just Whatsapp us to submit your images for free quote. 


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11 Replies to “Replace Light Fitting Service in Singapore 2024”

  1. Hi, how much u charge for
    a) replacement of existing spoilt LED light fitting
    b) u provide a new LED Light fitting(square or round for common room)
    c) replace 1 common room square or round ceiling LED (please propose the number of watt for a common room)
    d) ceiling height is around 2.8m

  2. Hi, how much u charge for
    a) replacement of existing spoilt LED light fitting
    b) u provide a new LED Light fitting(square or round for common room)
    c) replace 1 common room square or round ceiling LED (please propose the number of watt for a common room)
    d) ceiling height is around 2.8m

  3. my office ceiling light bulb need to change as it’s flicking. will send photos of light type for your quotation. thanks,

  4. Hi, how much u charge for
    a) replacement of existing ceiling spoilt LED light. Current is the LED lights flashing.
    b) you provide a new LED Light (small square)

  5. Hi, can you share me a quotation to remove and install a new ceiling light fixture in HDB? And if we have to provide the new ceiling light, or you would provide it? Thanks!

  6. Dear Sir/Madam

    We are interested in converting fluorescent light to LED. We are a company entity.

    Can you advise what service does your company provide, the procedures and charges if to do above request?

  7. Dear Vendor,
    we need to install 5 pc spoil light, 2 light. please provide use quotation. note the weight 6 to 8 meter.

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