Best Electrical Contractor in Singapore

Best Electrical Contractor in Singapore

Every once in a while, a fuse bursts or the wiring at home come loose and you will need an electrician to fix those issues. But how do you find the right one? In this article, we help you in finding the best electrical contractor in Singapore.

Electrical Contractor Services – How do you decide? 

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The Energy Market Authority or EMA as its called states clearly that any person undertaking any electrical activity should have a working license. This means they should either have a Electrical Worker’s Licence or an Electrical Installation Licence.

Under the Electrical Worker’s Licence, there are

    • Electrician’s license
    • Electrical technician’s licence
  • Electrical engineer’s license

There are many certifications that are required even to handle simple electrical work. So the first thing you should check is if the electrical contractor has a license or not. You can always check with them before you hire them.

Years of Operation

In a cutthroat world, companies don’t last too long if their service is too bad or the pricing is too high. Especially in Singapore, where the population is small, there is immense competition amongst electrical contractors.

A good way to judge if your electrical contractor is good or not is by checking the number of years they have been operational. 5+ years, then you are looking at a solid company who have served customers successfully.

If it’s a relatively new company, then you need to check if they have competitive prices. But if you are just looking at the quality of work, then a well-established company makes sense.

Size of the company

The size of the company suggests two things. One is the availability of the electrician. Generally, small companies have limited electricians and you will have to wait quite a bit. Maybe even a day or two. A larger company will have more electricians in their payroll and would be able to dispatch one of them soon.

The size also suggests the skillsets of an electrician. With a smaller company, one electrician becomes a jack of all trades. In a larger company, you will be able to find electricians who have expertise in a particular field and hence do a better job.

Free or Paid Onsite Quote

Before you engage an electrical contractor, check and see if they have a free diagnosis or a paid visit. Some electricians charge a one-time fee even for say 2 minutes of work and that visit fee will be high.

So if you feel your problem is a small one or you aren’t sure what your problem is, make to sure to get an electrician who has free visitation. This will help you save quite some money and not feel like you’ve been cheated.

After work services

Electrical work involves drilling, changing wires, dusting off old parts and more. Generally, a good electrician cleans up after themselves and leaves the house the way it was before the job. So check to see if your electrical contractor clean up after themselves or they charge something extra for doing that.

Warranty Support

Repairing involves changing parts, switches, wiring and other components in the electrical system. What happens if an electrician fixes a component and it goes bust in a few days? Some electricians offer a product warranty support of 30 days. Some more than that. So before you hire an electrician, make sure to check if they offer a warranty on their service and the products they fit.

Small Jobs

Some electricians do not accept small jobs and if you have a small issue to fix, you need to check with them if they can do the job, before you engage them.

Open Pricing

This is one of the biggest pointers. Generally, an open company has open pricing. They clearly tell you the cost of repair, the cost of the parts and after service costs and so on. This will help you gauge the price and compare it with other services.

A company that doesn’t have open pricing can charge you exorbitantly and you will have no choice but to go with their service as you have hired them.

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Finding the Best Electrical Contractor in Singapore

So there you have it, a simple checklist to follow to identify the best Electrical Contractor in Singapore. Follow this process and you will have a seamless repair experience without any hassles!

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  1. Wanted HDB registered electrician cum plumber to my existing storage water heater to 2 new instant water heaters with new wiring for water heater from ELCB to master bathroom.

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