Electrical Handyman Singapore

Electrical Handyman Singapore

Whether you have to install some new electrical equipment in your house or you have some electrical problem, you will certainly call an electrical handyman as if you are not an expert in that, handling electrical items by yourself can be very dangerous at times. So, you need someone who is highly professional and expert in these matters. An electrical handyman can solve a lot of problems for you like repair wiring, lighting fixtures, switches, electrical sockets, ceiling fans, and many other components. You can certainly count on them for any electrical repair or upgrade as they have a solution to almost any problem.

Electrical Component Upgrade:

Just imagine, you are trying to renovate your kitchen and there you need a ceiling fan and some new recessed ceiling lights. You also need to change the position of your microwave so it is installed permanently over your oven. There may be some other situation where some outlets are needed to be installed, one for your mixer, one for your cooler fridge, espresso machine, and some other electronic equipment. An electrical handyman will do all of that for you and that too at a very affordable price. He can repair the outlets which are there but can’t be used. He will complete the job with perfection and if you want, he will paint the wall too so that the outlet matches with the wall.

Electrical Component Repair:

An electrical handyman will help in each and every electrical issue you have in your home. Sometimes you think that the issue is simple and can be done easily but frankly speaking they are dangerous. So you can take the help of a handyman if there are disconnected wires, frayed wires, flickering lights, overloaded breakers, or any other such problem. If there is an electrical problem like the outlet is warm, you must shut your electrical breakers off as this is the indication that something is wrong with the wiring and it may catch fire if left untreated.

Handyman Service in Singapore:

There are a lot of companies in Singapore who provide the best handyman at your service but you need to choose carefully. If you are searching online try to check all the reviews of the company you are thinking of hiring perfectly so that you can understand how they work and if the customers are happy with the work or not. Sometimes you hire handyman without a proper license for a lower charge. Just understand that they do not know the work properly and if you are hiring them, you are taking a big risk that the work you are giving to them may end in a complete mess as to do the work properly perfect knowledge is needed which they don’t have.

Some of the Work Electrical Handyman will do:

  • Install, telephone, TV, electric socket
  • Fix the power failure
  • Cable TV installation
  • Re-wiring
  • Repairing electronic equipment
  • Installing heater and TV points
  • Installing light, water heater, fan, etc.
  • Installing fire alarms & CCTV

electrical handyman

Electrical Services Singapore Cost

Electrician Singapore Cost (All prices inclusive of material, labour & transport) Unit rate
1. Replace Light bulbs / Light Tubes From $60
2. Install downlight point with casing and wiring & installation of the light From $70
3. Install the Ceiling light fitting From $70
4. Install the hanging/deco light fitting From $70
5. Install ceiling fan From $120
6. Supply and install TV Point(SCV/STARHUB) From $120
7.  Supply and install Lighting Switch Point power point power socket (non-conceal) From $70
8.  Supply and install Dimmer Switch Point power point power socket (non-conceal) From $70
9. Replace Storage Water Heater with Power Point From $150
 Electrical Wiring  Unit rate
HDB 3room, 4room, 5room                                                                                                                       From $1500
Condo From $2000
Landed Property Call to ask
Commercial Call to ask

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  1. Hi, we have changed a brand new bulb in the office toilet and still no power.
    Do you able to assist to check and service? What is the cost?

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